Welcome! Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC) is excited to have you join our Titan Family! Whether you are attending college for the first time, preparing for your next career, preparing to transfer to or from another college, or looking to take a course or two, CCTC is here to be your partner in learning.

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I have never attended college (First-Time Freshman)

You are a First-Time freshman if you have never attended a college after completing high school or a GED.

I am returning to CCTC (Readmit)

A Returning Student is a student who attended CCTC but has not attended for one year or more. Some Returning students may need to meet with a financial aid counselor before returning.

I am transferring to CCTC (Transfer)

A Transfer Student is a student who has attended a different college or university and never attended CCTC.

Transfer students must submit official transcripts to Records to receive transfer credit.

I am in High School (Dual Enrollment)

The Dual Enrollment program is when a high school student is also enrolled in college while earning high school and college credit. CCTC offers the Dual Enrollment program within the surrounding four county area: Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee and Sumter in partnership with high schools, private schools, charter schools and homeschool associations.

I am active duty military, a dependent, or a veteran

Military members and their families are important to us, and CCTC is here to help you start and continue your education and meet your personal goals. We provide what you need to succeed through the services available at the college. Visit Military and Dependents for more information.

Eligible Service members, veterans, and dependents must receive approval from an Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within the Military Service before applying and enrolling. Follow the appropriate guidelines to apply and for using your branch of service educational benefits and status. 

CCTC maximizes the use of your educational benefits by offering in-state tuition to our Active Duty Service Members and their dependents stationed in South Carolina. Additionally, United States Air Force Active Duty Service Members and their dependents stationed at Shaw Air Force Base are eligible for additional reduced tuition. The Active Duty Service Member and their dependents must complete and submit the Military Active Duty Verification Form or the Military Dependent Verification Form. For more assistance, contact your Admissions Coordinator at 803-778-7812.

Honorably discharged Retired Veterans and their dependents who meet residency requirements are also eligible for instate tuition. Students who may be eligible for Veterans’ Affairs benefits should contact our VA representative at 803-778-7845 for more information.

Once you complete your education benefits requirements, submit your application for admissions.

I am enrolled at another college (Transient)

Students that are attending another college but what to take a class or two at CCTC are considered Transient Students.

Transient students do not need to submit any transcripts or test scores. Contact your advisor at your home institution to request a form to permit you to take your desired courses at CCTC. Transient forms can be emailed to admissions@cbicoal.com or faxed to 803-778-6696.

Transient students are not eligible for Financial Aid at CCTC.

I only want to take a few classes (non-degree seeking)

A student taking classes for personal or professional reasons is a Non-degree Seeking Student. This may include courses being taken for a career or as a course for a future program of study.

Non-degree Seeking Students must meet the prerequisites, if any, for the courses they wish to take. No Financial Aid is available to Non-degree Seeking Students.

Senior Citizens taking classes for personal or professional development is a Non-degree Seeking Student. CCTC offers classes on a space-available basis using the base tuition fee waiver.

Ready to Become a Titan?

Completing your application is quick and easy! Follow these 5 easy steps to become a Titan.  


Complete the FREE online application here

Select “Sign Up” to create a username (email address) and password. Please use an email address that you regularly access. 

Do not enter an email address on your application different from the one you use to set up your account. This will keep you from logging back into your application.

Make sure you sign and submit at the end for 100% completion.

When your application is submitted, your admissions coordinator will process your application. They will contact you by email to let you know your next step.

You can always check on your application in the Titan Start Portal. Use the same login information you created for your application to sign in. 

Applications apply only to the term for which they are completed. Students returning after one year may be required to complete a new application and meet with a financial aid counselor before returning.

If you have any issues, email webapps@cbicoal.com or call 803-778-7812.


Visit the Titan Start Portal to see your welcome letter, decision letter, and a message from your program of study. Other helpful links to important student support services and any checklist items can be seen. 

You will also find important Titan Next Steps. Your Titan Next Steps is where you find your Student Identification Number, myCCTC username, and student email address. You will need both to access your myCCTC account or CCTCgo to register for classes.

We suggest you only use your myCCTC account after you have it set up. This is where you will see information and important updates about your college account. 


Your admissions coordinator will send you the name of your academic advisor. You will meet with your Academic Advisor to talk about testing and choosing your classes. After meeting with your Academic Advisor, they will help you register for classes.

If you have advisement questions, email asc@cbicoal.com or call 803-774-3310.


Apply for Financial Aid online at www.studentaid.gov. You must submit your official final high school transcript or GED transcript to receive financial aid. We offer grants, loans, scholarships, and South Carolina Lottery Tuition Assistance. Once you complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), review your myCCTC account or CCTCgo for Financial Aid updates.

If you have questions, contact the Financial Aid office at 803-778-7850 or email finaid@cbicoal.com. If you are eligible for Veteran’s Affairs benefits, contact our VA representative at 803-778-7845 for more information.


Attend New Student Orientation to learn more about student services, first semester activities and how to become a successful student. Continue to visit your myCCTC account to access important information about New Student Orientation event registration. For more information, contact the Student Life Coordinator at 803-774-3336 or email studentlife@cbicoal.com.

Visit Us

We invite you to explore CCTC to See for yourself! The best way for you to see if Central Carolina Technical College is the right place for you is to visit the campus for yourself! We offer campus visit experiences for interested students and the community. Come see what you can accomplish!

The Titan Campus Visit Experience is available year-round except for peak registration, midterm and final exams, graduation, campus holidays, and other special days. To better accommodate you and your group, visits must be scheduled in advance.

Titan Guided Virtual Campus Experience

Take a guided virtual tour with a Titan focused on a program of interest and an opportunity to talk to admissions staff. The Titan Guided Virtual Campus Experience happens by appointment on Wednesday on Zoom. Schedule your virtual experience today by clicking the link below and selecting your preferred date! Questions about scheduling options can be directed to tour@cbicoal.com.

Titan Campus Experience Event Calendar

Titan Campus Visit Experience – Main Campus

Come and take a first look into the many exciting opportunities offered at Central Carolina Technical College. During your Main Campus Visit, you will learn about the facilities, how to complete the admissions and financial aid process, and the variety of student activities Central Carolina Technical College has to offer.

Schedule your visit today by clicking the link below and selecting your preferred visit date based on the size of your group! Questions about scheduling options can be directed to tour@cbicoal.com.

Titan Campus Experience Event Calendar

Titan VIP Experience – Admitted Students Only

Have you completed the Central Carolina Technical College admissions process but, would like a more in-depth look into your chosen program of study? Then, the Titan VIP Experience is for you! Accepted students participate in a unique experience led by the Titan VIP Experience Team, seeing the college and their program of study, meeting with Admissions and Financial Aid, and having lunch with us. (Length 3-4 hours)

The Titan VIP Experience is available by appointment only. Accepted students must register at least one month or 30 days in advance to schedule their Titan VIP Experience, and is limited to two guests per student. Children under the age of 13 may not participate.

Please select your Titan VIP Experience below (admitted students only):

Can’t make it on campus? View our Virtual Tour HERE!

For more information about accessibility or special accommodations while visiting our campus, please contact us at tour@cbicoal.com.
(803) 778-7812
M300, Student Services Building

Need more information?

Admissions Policy

Central Carolina Technical College is an “open door” institution serving the educational needs of all who can benefit from its courses and programs. Central Carolina makes every effort to minimize geographic, financial, and scholastic barriers to the programs and services offered by the college. A high school diploma (or GED certificate) is not a prerequisite for college admission but is required for selected program admission and all forms of financial aid.

The definition of “open door admission” implies the college’s commitment to assess student potential and to provide appropriate developmental/transitional courses that will prepare students for collegiate level courses and programs. The definition further implies that consistent with accrediting agencies and boards, some associate degree programs may require students to possess a valid high school diploma, GED, certificate, and/or demonstrate their ability to make satisfactory progress in a given course or program admission.

Admissions Requirements

In order to apply to CCTC, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old or possess a high school diploma from an accredited high school or GED certificate. Non high school graduates may be admitted to the college with appropriate test scores. In order to receive financial assistance, a high school or GED transcript must be provided. For more information contact the Admissions Office.
  • If you have been homeschooled, you must contact the Admissions Office for specific admissions guidelines and procedures for homeschooled students.
  • If you are between the ages of 16 and 18 or have dropped out of high school, you must obtain written permission from the high school principal in the area in which you reside.
  • If you apply for an associate degree program, you must submit an official high school transcript or evidence of a GED certificate. Official transcripts must be on file by the completion of the first semester.
  • Meet Residency and Lawful Presence requirements.

Contact admissions by email at admissions@cbicoal.com. You can also reach the admissions office at each campus by phone:

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